Monday, October 1, 2012

Morning Coffee

I've recently moved to North Bondi where coffee is 50cents more expensive then when I lived in Surry Hills! Coffee is not the only thing more expensive but it is the only thing i buy every day. Although most days I make the treck into Surry to get work done, I still end up buying my coffee from a little spot on my street for two reasons: 1. Its GREAT coffee! 2. I want to support the little guy. If i live on the same street as an amazing coffee shop and am going to a cafe half way across the city to get my coffee... then what is everyone else doing..?

I want to know ... what is YOUR morning coffee routine!?!?

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  1. When I started working in Neutral Bay I tried out a couple of coffee places but was never very loyal to any of them. I decided which one I'd go to on the bus every morning and ended up changing between 2.
    Then a little hole in the wall called Essence opened and I made friends with the barista and the two kitchen staff. We buy each other birthday and christmas presents and everything! Even though the staff have changed since they first opened, they're always lovely (and it's some of the only human interaction I get in my day).
    It's $3.70 for a large and $3.20 for a small coffee (standard pricing for Neutral Bay but this place makes coffee that is worth that price) and their bacon and egg rolls are to die for! They've been there for a year and a bit now and it's been great watching them grow. Nicest guys. They really have set the standard for coffee for me and now when I get charged $4 for a coffee that tastes like shit, I always thank my lucky stars that Essence is so close to my office.

  2. Its small places like that Bec, that need our support and usually theyre the ones that deserve it because theyre working hard to connect with their customers. I think thats awesome you've found your spot!
    Mine used to be Fernside in Redfern until i loved and it became bRU in North Bondi... both places know me by name and make an effort to remember my order and have a chat to me every morning. Its the first interaction of the day and it sets to tone! I'm stoked we have such amazing places that off great service like this throughout Sydney city!